Thursday, 28 May 2015

Designer crush: Gilian Segal Design

I really loved this home tour found on ruemag and as chic as it is, of course it belongs to an interior designer, a Vancouver based Gilian Segal to be exact. The soft and warm space she created for herself feels comfortable and effortless, yet super chic. The black walls, neutral fabrics and the fabulous animal print wallpaper is a recipe for success! And how amazing is this kitchen? See the full slideshow and interview here

Monday, 25 May 2015


I've featured the work of the Spanish interior design firm Living pink before and here they are again with this fabulous apartment in Madrid. I really really love this space, bright and with just a perfect amount of pink and cool accessories like this "leaf" sculpture and gold/fossilized wood side tables. Vintage furniture is here mixed with Ikea (dining chairs) and Zara home (leopard rug) but the whole looks really luxurious, yet still young and fun with a 70s retro vibe. The budget for this apartment must have been pretty high but I found some more affordable pieces to create a similar style! Think off white walls, neutral furniture, metallic accents, retro wallpaper and vintage accessories!
For full tour go here

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Stylish sofas under £1500

There are so many sofas out there on the market, unfortunately if you need a sofa on a budget, there is not much to chose from if you don't want to go to Ikea. Most of the cheap sofas are "over-designed", bulky in the shape and lack style dramatically, not to mention they actually look super cheap. The situation is not hopeless though, I have found few sofas on the budget that are stylish, elegant and will actually work in the room and not only be there as a temporary seating. is actually great for affordable furniture, you can get great deals there. Also loaf, even though a little more expensive and more traditional in style. Which one is your favorite??