Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Jessica Alba rental house

I think I am seriously addicted to Domaine, this website has the best stuff! My latest love at first sight is Jessica Alba's first home turned vacation rental house/guest house. Designed by LA based company Consort the house has a strong boho vibe and despite being a rental property really looks (and probably feels) more like home. 
From Jessica:
“I travel a lot and if there was a house like mine to stay in instead of a hotel, I would want to stay in my house,” she explains. “So I’m just thinking of someone who travels and who wants a cozy but luxurious and safe place to be. That’s sort of the vibe.”

Check out the rest or the feature on the Domaine website 

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Zinc showroom visit

One of the perks of working in interior design is that you always get invited to fabric showrooms to discover exciting new collections and keep in speed with the industry. The company I work for got invited to a presentation in the Zinc showroom in Chelsea Harbour today to see the new collection called 1973. Inspired by quirky 70s the collection has a strong retro vibe but it's kept in Zinc distinctive monochromatic tones. I especially loved the Lio velvet with a metallic foil print (the before last picture). The showroom is very smart as well and most of the furniture is from The Sofa and chair Company, it's really worth visiting if you are in the area!

Monday, 23 March 2015

Morrocan vibes

Soo, I was supposed to go on holiday to Greece this year, but few weeks ago I got an overexcited text from my French cousin stating I ABSOLUTELY have to come to Marrakesh with her and some other friends in June. I hesitated first as I really wanted to go to Santorini but as I've never been to Morocco before so booked my flight!! I am really happy as I never get to spend holidays with my cousins anymore (we used to spend all summer holidays together when we were little and it were always the best of times) and obviously Morocco is so beautiful and hot!! I cant wait to visit the souks and the villa we are renting will be a total surprise as we left it to my cousin and her boyfriend to rent!
Waiting for my holidays I put together my favorite Marrakesh inspired items! 

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